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Getting Started

What is Bootstrapper?

Every application needs to do some sort of initialization, like configuring an IOC container, create maps, load things into cache, create pools, etc.
Bootstrapper is a library that helps to simplify the "wiring" of all these tasks and artifacts.

Why use Bootstrapper?

A good case for using a bootstrapper can be found here.
Basically Bootstrapper allows you to comply with the Single Responsibility Principle by not mixing concerns in your application startup. It also helps you with the Open-Closed Principle by not having to modify your startup method every time a new start up task or artifact needs to be wired-up.

How do I install Boostrapper

You can download bootstrapper from codeplex and manually copy the dlls to your bin folder, but the easiest way is to use Nuget. Bootstrapper consists of a core module and several plugins or extensions. Installing the extension will also install boootstrapper core. For example, if you want to use Bootstapper with Ninject install Bootstrapper.Ninject. If you also want to use Bootstrapper with Automapper then install Bootstrapper.AutoMapper.

How do I use Bootstrapper?

Check the appropiate link for details
Bootstrapper 1.0 guide
Bootstrapper 2.0 guide

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